The Nozez Debut Album just arrived

After 8 years of playing together in Switzerland and through the whole Europe, the legendary Nozez brings their first CD with the titel: The Nozez. Recorded at Suburban Sound Studio in Winterthur.


Tome Iliev Sextet-Den ZKB Publikumspreis

ZKB Jazzpreis Festival 2020

On 9.September 2020 Tome Iliev Sextet was awarded the audience Prize at the ZKB Jazzpreis Festival 2020 in Zurich.

Upcoming Concerts 2022

14.01.2022 THE NOZEZ Zentralwascherei Zürich

02.02.2022 TOME ILIEV SEXTET CD Pre-Release Villa Irniger Zürich

03.02.2022 TOME ILIEV SEXTET CD Pre-Release La Marotte Affoltern am Albis

04.02.2022 TOME ILIEV SEXTET CD Release (AMP Records) TBA Zürich

Tome Iliev Sextet

Sketches of Macedonia

Inspired by Macedonian Traditional Dance Rhythms and American Traditional Jazz, this Sextet pulls out all the stops for World Music. Odd meters, dyzzying melodies, dance beats, oriental and free improvisations are thrown into a big pot and stirred vigorously.​

Sketches of Macedonia

Tome Iliev - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Composition

Florian Weiss - Trombone

​Francois Lana - Piano

Valentin Baumgartner - Guitar

Jonas Künzli - Double Bass

Adrian Böckli - Drums


All that I can see

All that I can see

Tome Iliev - Clarinet, Bassclarinet & Voice

Valentin Baumgartner - Guitar & Voice

Adrian Böckli - Drums & Voice

Tome Iliev, Valentin Baumgartner and Adrian Böckli alias "Gaston" celebrate jazz / worldmusic. The three musicians got to know each other in the bands Extrafish, Nozez and Tome Iliev Sextet and have maintained a lively exchange ever since. Songs from their pen, from afar and near invite you to dance at dawn.​


The diverse Nozez cultivate the fine art of the Balkan-Gipsy-Strassen-Chabbis. The basis - their voices, acoustic instruments, old folk songs and modern club music, emotional live performances and their long-term friendship. There is love on stage, in the hall and everywhere you go.​

Tome Iliev - Clarinet, Vocals

​Tarek Beswick - French horn, Vocals, Electronics

Seraphim von Werra - Accordion

Tobias Bienz - Guitar, Vocals

Valentin Baumgartner - Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Marcio de Sousa - Drums